annual Software license contract


Annual Software Licenses entitle the user to use and support of GLD software products which are part of the Software Licensing Program.  New software purchases include (2) years license contract and product upgrades and renewals include (1) year license.

Renew Current Annual
Software License
Stand Alone GLD Versions
Current GLD Premier
Annual License Renewal
(One Year)
$800 USD
Software Type - STAND ALONE
Software Product
Current GLD Professional
Annual License Renewal
(One Year)
$650 USD
Current GLD Complete
Annual License Renewal
(One Year)
$900 USD
Current Piping System Builder
Annual License Renewal
(One Year)
$350 USD
Network GLD
Current GLD Network
Annual License Renewal
(One Year)
Per Seat
Per Seat
Software Type - NETWORK
Software Product
GLD Annual License Reactivation Fee 
Note:  You will be contacted if your subscription is expired
NOTE: Annual Licenses which have been allowed to lapse are renewable up to
(2) years after lapsing.  Licenses more than (2) years past expiration are NOT renewable
and new software must be purchased.  Reactivation fees are time based and use the
 date information from the date of last purchase.

These fees are for reactivation and are IN ADDITION to the
 annual license fee above.  There is a (180) day grace period.
Expired 0 to 6 Months N/C No reactivation fee
Expired 6 months to 2 years $1,200 Reactivation Fee Plus Annual License fee
Expired more than 2 years,
new purchase required 
- Please purchase
new software license