GSA (Geothermal Systems Analyzer) Module

After designing a heat exchanger system, a designer can open the finance module and quickly calculate the annual and lifecycle operating costs of both the geothermal system and up to 5 standard HVAC systems.  By automatically comparing energy costs, emissions costs, water costs, maintenance cost, installation costs, lease value opportunity costs, salvage values and tax incentives for geothermal and standard HVAC systems, designers can quickly demonstrate the cost effectiveness of a geothermal system.  The financial module also can be used as a quick and accurate stand-alone financial analysis tool, a tool that does not require the user to design a geothermal system prior to use.  As can be seen from the screenshots below, you can generate a full lifecycle or annual costs comparison.  The robust GSA tool features graphics for a user-friendly visual representation of the value proposition of each option that is tested.

GSA (Geothermal System Analyzer) Module

GSA Module - Geothermal Tab

GSA Module - Geothermal Tab

GSA - Conventional Tab for Systems Comparison

GSA Module - Conventional System Comparison Information

GSA Module - Utility Information Tab

GSA Module - Utility Tab

GSA Module - Other Costs Tab for misc items

GSA Module - Other Costs Tab

GSA Module - Incentives Tab

GSA Module - Incentives Tab

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