Ground Loop DesignTM Version 10.0.xx

Discover the leading commercial GHX software design tool in the world. GLD's flexible "Geothermal Design Studio" concept offers a user friendly suite of modular tools that provides tremendous power and flexibility to the designer. Design comparisons and multiple scenarios or projects are handled easily. The new Piping System Designer simplifies the optimization of your piping interconnections to tie the loopfield to the building.  Coupled with the CFD Module, you can now design headers the right way and do it with ease.  The Hybrid Controls offer unparalleled design power to see in real time the impact of shedding part of your load to hybrid mechanical system. With the GridBuilder for vertical designs, it is now possible to design your borehole layout with real-world configurations instead of just basic and limiting squares and rectangles.  With the robust reporting capabilities, you can choose a highly detailed or concise output from any of the design modules. The straightforward reports not only provide a system for neat and accurate internal record keeping but also can be used to present a professional presentation of information to clients. Beyond the practical concerns of system optimization, GLDTM offers designers of GSHP Systems a user friendly tool that handles simple or complex designs.  

New and Current Design Module Highlights of GLD

Recent Features in GLD  

The GLDTM family offers new and enhanced features from previous versions, including:

  • The Piping System Designer.  Automates and connects your tie-ins to the borehole designs that you create. This brand new module revolutionizes geothermal system design. The module enables automatic and effortless heat exchanger piping design.
  • Bill of Materials Report.  CFD Module is enhanced to include a Bill of Materials for the project pipe requirements. GLD Premier includes the ability to automatically generate and export a comprehensive piping bill of materials for any size system.
  • Intelligent Analytics.  New intelligence algorithms provide real-time feedback to ensure optimal system design. For example, the system manages Reynolds numbers across every circuit in a system, providing feedback, warning and guidance if Reynolds numbers are predicted to be out of range.
  • Balancing Valve Automation. A new fitting algorithm automatically calculates the appropriate balancing valve PSI for each supply/return runout pair to ensure maximum system balance.
  • New System Report.  GLD now includes a full piping design system report that summarizes the entire piping design on one page. This report can be used to solicit installation bids or help ensure the system is installed to design specifications.
  • Updated Heat Pump Database. GLD offers an updated heat pump database including generic pumps for even faster heat exchanger sizing.
  • Enhanced Administration.  GLD provides an entirely new folder and data architecture, a system that minimizes IT oversight and ensures premier ease-of-use across networks large and small.
  • The Vertical Borehole Module now features Coaxial Heat Exchangers that may be customized to accomodate a range of US and International pipe sizes.  This is a powerful tool that allows comparisons to regular U-Bend installations.  Users can now compare the installation costs of Coaxial and U-Bend exchangers based on actual design simulations.
  • GLD has been revamped to accommodate the changing needs of Windows 10
  • New annual software licensing allows users to stay current without the need to purchase upgrades and provides for regular prodct development and updates.

Piping System Designer 

GLD now features the ability to generate a piping tie-in design, including reducing headers, directly from your vertical project design.  The intelligent system library selects pipe sizes that are large enough to accommodate efficient flows without oversizing and causing the need for oversized pumps and their associated inefficiency.  The Piping System Designer is such a powerful and unique tool to the industry that it is now available as a standalone product for designers that are still using less capable geothermal design packages instead of GLD.


Folder and File Administration

GLD now accomodates the increasing security requirements of newer operating systems and networks by relocating file and folders to locations that are user specific and IT friendly.  It should no longer be necessary to change or override security settings.  Common items, such as heat pump libraries are located to allow all users to take advantage of custom pump families.  Each user now has their own folder structure for projects and related loads data.



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