Select the version of GLD that is right for you

GLD is offered in three main versions:  Premier; Professional & Residential.  Commercial users that want the full featured version with the Piping System Designer AND Computational Fluid Dynamics Module for piping design and/or 8760 hourly simulations should consider the Premier Version.





Design Studio
Maximum Peak Loads no limit no limit 200KBTU/hr.
Cylindrical Heat Transfer Engine -
G-Function Heat Transfer Engine -
Precision Hybrid Load Splitter Tools -
Custom GridBuilder Module - -
International Pipe Database
Borehole Heat Exchanger Module
     Coaxial, Single & Double U-bend Exchangers single
     Monthly Energy Simulation Engine -
     8760 Hourly Energy Simulation Engine - -
     Fixed Length Design Mode
     Fixed Temperature Design Mode
     On-Demand G-Function Calculator -
     "G" - Function Heat Exchange Visualizer - -
      AutoCAD Integration -
     "Any Configuration" Loopfield Importer -
      Advanced Fluids Database -
Horizontal Module
     Horizontal Trench/Bore/Slinky etc.
     Fixed Area Mode Calculations
     Horizontal Heat Exchanger Temp Graphs - -
Surface Water Module
     Horizontal Trench/Bore/Slinky etc.
Piping System Designer - -
     Piping System Bill of Materials - -
     Intelligent Flow Analytics - -
     Balancing Valve Automation - -
Computational Fluid Dynamics Module - -
     Auto-Build and Optimize Functions - -
     Direct and Reverse Return Modeling - -
     Fittings and Fluids Database - -
     Multi-Level Vault and Manifold Systems - -
     Advanced Fluids Database - -
Geothermal System Analyzer Module -
     Full Energy / Cost Analysis -
     CO2 Emissions / Credits Analysis -
     Economic Payback/Lifecycle Analysis -
     Accelerated Depreciation, Salvage Value -
     Professional Graphing and Reports -
Thermal Conductivity Analysis Module optional optional optional
     Conductivity/Diffusivity Analysis  optional optional optional
     Borehole Thermal Resistance Analysis  optional optional optional
Average Block Loads Module -
Zone Manager Module
LEADPlus Module (Residential) - - optional
     Heat Loss Estimator - - In LEADPlus
     Energy Analysis - - In LEADPlus
     CO2 Emissions Analysis - - In LEADPlus
     Economic Payback Analysis - - In LEADPlus
     Pressure Drop Calculator - - In LEADPlus
Boiler/CoolingTower/Solar Hybrids
Heat Pump Add/Edit Module -
   Over 1,000 Preloaded Heat Pumps 
Enhanced Visualization Tools and Graphs -
Enhanced Heat Pump Performance Bracketing -
English / Metric Units Conversion
3rd Party Bidirectional file Data (.aps, .idf) -
IDF export for energy simulator integration -
IES / Google Sketchup / TRACE / eQuest -
Standard Reports
Advanced Reports
Enhanced User Interface -
Automatic Fluids Database
Data Reference Files
Customization and Designer Options
Interactive Help
Multiple Languages
Annual Software License and Support -

Commercial Version Information

Residential Version Information