GLD Training - NEW Online Training Options


By popular demand, specialized, in-depth training is now available for designers utilizing the industry-leading GLD software platform.  These professional level courses are intended for serious designers that want to leverage their knowledge and tools for a more successful geothermal design experience.

GLD Training - GLD Quickstart
 - Web Workshop

By purchasing GLD, you already understand that geothermal requires more than drilling a borehole and putting pipe in the ground.  Now that you have GLD, you want to get started.  This GLD Quick Start webinar is a (3) hour introduction to the software for up to (2) people from the same company.  This webinar is perfect for the designer that wants to be pointed in the right direction on how to begin using GLD for geothermal design.

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GLD Training - Loopfields and Piping Design
 - Web Workshop Series

A three session web workshop series that provides the geothermal designer with working knowledge of the steps using GLD to design and optimize a loopfield, select heat pumps and design a practical, purgeable piping system.  This course uses design theories but is perfect for users that want hands-on training to learn how to effectively use the new GLD Design Suite...

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Self-Help:  Short Video Tutorials

Just want a quick look at the features of GLD?  Check out our short demonstration videos.  The videos provide a quick look at HOW to use GLD.  The on-line training (above) is a more in-depth look at WHY, in addition to HOW.

Short Tutorial Demonstrations

Self Help:  Skill Builders

Here are several free tutorials that are intended to help you sharpen your skills in particular areas of design with GLD.  These are NOT GLD version specific.  These are PDF, downloadable files.

Skill Builder 1:  Lifecycle Cost Analysis Modeling with the GSA Module

Skill Builder 2:  Design Day, Monthly and Hourly Loads

Skill Builder 3:  Header Design for Easy Purging Using GLD

Skill Builder 4:  Benefits of 8670 Hourly Energy Modeling

Skill Builder 5:  Climate Change and Loopfield Performance