Advanced Hybrid Design Tool

With the updated Hybrid Design Tool, the designer can now see numerical and visual information about the impact of adding a hybrid cooler/heater.  A system that is inbalanced often causes the loopfield to be much larger than it might need to be if the loads could be adjusted.  With the hybrid design tool, the designer can shave some of the peaks which really represent a small part of the load and see the impact on the total size of the loop. 

In the example below, the designer has shaved peaks that represent 40% of the capacity but only 8% of the total load, which allows a much smaller loopfield and a more closely balanced system.


The graph below shows the impact on the peak energy and total energy that are being delivered to the loopfield along with a numerical summary.


There is an informative video which shows the hybrid tool in action in the tutorial section of the web site.  Please view for a more detailed explanation of the operation.

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