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GLD Build Version History

GLD has been in production for more than 15 years with multiple versions released for public use.  This table is intended to provide a baseline for comparison of your current version with the latest shipping version.  Some versions are upgradable and some have "upgrade value".  Please contact us if you have questions regarding your current product.

Current Product:

Previous Supported Versions:

Outdated or Obsolete:

Ground Loop Design (GLD) - AND - Piping System Builder - Production Build History
All builds of GLD supported on Windows W7, W8.x and W10/11.

GLD Build 10.0.80 (Production Release Version)   (DOWNLOAD HERE)   GLD Build 10.0.79 (Production Release Version)
GLD Build 10.0.72 (Production Release Version)
GLD Build 10.0.70 (Production Release Version) 
GLD Build 10.0.56 (Production Release Version)  GLD Build 10.0.51  (Production Release Version) GLD Build 10.0.47  (Production Release Version)  
  • Updated Reports.  Some reports will show additional details.

  • Clears the Windows clipboard on opening GLD.  Some programs that may currently have the clipboard open can prevent GLD from capturing data. 

  • Changes to the generation of G-Functions to reduce unecessary calculation in large loopfields.

  • Bugfix to calculations for vertical borehole where only the separation is and nothing else is changed

  • User information request generated when license expiration is near.  This helps to avoid license expiration without notice to the actual user.

  • Menu link to the Geofease Estimating tool which can assist in feasibility studies without the need to fully develope a loopfield in the early planning stages..

GLD Build 10.0.43  (Production Release Version)
  • Adds auto-calculates the BTR whenever Coaxial BTR Auto-flow is checked.

  • Minor updates some of the built-in help screens and resources

  • Updated language files for Spanish; Chinese; Korean; Japanese.  Corrects some "resource not found" errors.  Applicable to the standalone version only.  Network users should request their specific language.

  • Network Version Only:  License manager now supports Remote Desktop operation and Virtual Machines.  This is an update to the licensing system and not the GLD product.

GLD Build 10.0.40  (Production Release Version) 
  • Minor updates to the Piping Builder Module

GLD Build 10.0.39  (Production Release Version)
  • The Vertical Borehole Module now features Geokoax heat exchangers

  • G-Functions are reused for repetitive simulations where borehole parameters are not changed.  This can be time saving in loopfields with large numbers of boreholes,

  • An initialization progress bar is displayed when computing the G-Functions in monthly or hourly simulations.

  • Loopfields larger than 300 boreholes will display a simulation progress bar.

  • Updated interface for graphing tools and data download

  • Updated user manual.

GLD Build 10.0.33  (Production Release Version)  
  • Piping module update.

  • User license notice update for Network version

  • Network version now supports remote desktop access for virtual workstations

GLD Build 10.0.22  (Production Release Version)  
  • New product release.  The date convention in the name is replaced by the version number ie: 10.0.xx

  • Prodcut features new fluid data libraries that are now common across all modules

  • New configurable Coaxial heat exchangers for vertical installations

  • Standalone version now contains support for English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish and Japanese

GLD Build 10.0.xx   (Pre-Release and BETA testing)
  • Used in testing, training and demonstration presentations

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GLD2016 - AND - 2016 Piping System Builder - Production Build History
All builds of GLD2016 supported on Windows W7, W8.x and W10/11.

GLD2016 Rev. 9.0.75   (Final Release Build)
  • Updated TC Module to for Pressure sensor data file inputs
    Corrected Loads/Zone reports issue for correct Heat Pump reporting in project and zone reports
    Misc. minor updates based on customer inputs.

GLD2016 Rev. 9.0.72
  • Finance Module fix.  On systems using Windows emulators, sometimes had path errors.
    Removed some software elements needed to support older versions of Windows. 
    Converted GLD internal databases to newer format,

GLD2016 Rev. 9.0.68
  • Now includes Chinese, Korean and English Interface

  • Updated License Key Manager

  • Updated TC Module.  Updated graph labels.

GLD2016 Rev. 9.0.67
  • Pump power calculation update; Graphing update

GLD2016 Rev. 9.0.65
  • IDF file export location reference change.  In some situations, IDF file export would fail.

  • APS file export change to accomodate changes in IES<VE>

GLD2016 Rev. 9.0.64
  • Nunerous changes to the TC module to add additional intellegence into data handling from the datalogger CSV 

GLD2016 Rev. 9.0.62
  • Misc updates. 

  • Updated license key manager.

  • Now supports multiple languages within the same installer.  Currently includes English and Korean.

  • Metric users should update to this version!  Updated Metric fluids table for Piping System Builder

GLD2016 Rev. 9.0.58
  • Adds 1.25" Slinky to Horizontal Module for Imperial installations and 32mm Slinky to Horizontal Module for International designers.  Software will warn about difficulties working with the larger pipe size but will calculate properly for the different options should users decide to use the larger slinky pipe size.

GLD2016 Rev. 9.0.57
  • Adds metric print default paper sizes to the Piping System Builder for International OS defaults

  • Adds per user installation option to allow each designer to have their own customizations.

  • Adds the license time remaining to the Help-->About screen

GLD2016 Rev. 9.0.54
  • Updates to the CFD/Piping Module for backwards compatibility

  • Minor updates to GSA Module

GLD2016 Rev. 9.0.52
  • ***  All new folder structure for user files and data  ***

  • ***  New Piping System Builder  ***

  • Intelligent System Analyser

  • Direct export of Projects to the Piping System Designer

  • Balancing valves for system flow control

  • Generic Heat Pump Families and expanded heat pump library

  • New Installer system eliminates the need to uninstall prior to updating

  • New Software Licensing System

  • Production Release Version (3/2016)

GLD2016 Rev. 9.0.xx (May show as Rev.9.0.0.xxx) (Pre-Release, BETA)
  • Used in testing, training and demonstration presentations

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GLD2014 Production Build History
Note: Product qualifies for upgrade.

Use builds 8.0.11 or later for use with Windows 10/11. 
All builds of GLD2014 supported on Windows XP, W7, W8.x.

GLD2014 Rev. 8.0.13   (Final Release Build)
  • Corrects English/Metric conversion item in the system report

GLD2014 Rev. 8.0.11
  • This and later builds now supported for Windows 10.

  • New Heat Pumps - Envision 2 Compact NK and NBK Families

GLD2014 Rev. 8.0.10
  • Corrects TC Module splash screen to show licensed version

  • Adds WaterFurnace Envision 2 NKW Reversible Chiller family

  • Adds ClimateMaster Trilogy 45 Heatpump

  • Misc corrections and updates to piping module.

GLD2014 Rev. 8.0.8x (May show as Rev.8.0.08) 
  • Corrects an issue with non-standard pipe sizes in the CFD module.

  • Corrects an issue with importing hybrid loads into the GSA module.

  • On highly secure Windows Vista, 7 and 8 machines, it is now easier to gain ownership of files and folders to make design work easier.  Users should open file explorer and navigate to the Gaia Geothermal folder and right-click to select "Take Ownership of files/folders".

GLD2014 Rev. 8.0.6x (May show as Rev.8.0.06) 
  • Corrects possible loads module/heat exchanger module linking issues when multiple projects are open simutaneously

  • No longer have to double click the trial version button to open the software in trial mode

  • Korean Version released

GLD2014 Rev. 8.0.2x (May show as Rev.8.0.02) 
  • Printing problem with hybrid loads graphs fixed

  • Updates gridbuilder reader to catch rare instances of gridfile corruption

  • Updated heatpump library

GLD2014 Rev. 8.0.0x (May show as Rev.  (Production Release)
  • New Hybrid Design controls for peak or total energy saving

  • International Pipe size tables.  ID or OD pipe sizing available.

  • Updated and advanced fluids tables that provide both freeze point and operating temp fluid properties.

  • New help system with link to user manual from inside of GLD

  • Expanded heat pump library

  • Thermal Conductivity module now auto-selects data inputs from tests where redundant sensors have been used.  Data import function automatically labels spreadsheet column headings.  This makes the file import process fast and easy without the ned to relabel data columns.

  • Digitally signed for Windows 8.1.

  • Includes new HASP driver for Windows 8.1 security

  • Note - LEADPlus 2014 is a separate download and install file.  Optional program for Residential users

  • Production Release Version (2/2014)

GLD2014 Rev. 7.5.5x (May show as Rev. (Pre-Release, BETA)
  • Used in testing, training and demonstration presentations

LEADPlus Production Build History

LEADPlus 2016
  • Production Release Version (2/2016)

LEADPlus 2014 Rev. (Build 02.12.14)
  • Note - LEADPlus 2014 is a separate download and install file.  Optional program for Residential users

  • Now works with Microsoft Office 13 / Office 365

  • Production Release Version (2/2014)

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GLD2012 Production Build History
Product qualifies for upgrade credit only.
  • Obsolete,  GLD2010 is no longer supported and can no longer be purchased.
This product will NOT operate correctly with Windows 10/11.

GLD2012 Rev.7.5.16 (May show as Rev.  (Final Release Build)

GLD2012 Rev.7.5.14 (May show as Rev. - ClimateMaster Edition is Rev. 7.5.15 (May show as Rev.

GLD2012 Rev.7.5.5 (May show as Rev. - ClimateMaster Edition is Rev. 7.5.5 (May show as Rev.

GLD2012 Rev.7.5.0 (May show as Rev. - ClimateMaster Edition is Rev. 7.5.1 (May show as Rev.

GLD2012 Rev.7.4.13

GLD2012 Rev.7.4.02  (May show as Rev.7.4.2)

GLD2012 Rev.7.3.x (Pre-Release, BETA)

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GLD2010 Production Build History 
Product qualifies for upgrade credit only.
Note:  Not digitally signed.  Minor compatibility issues with Windows 7, 8.

User Alert:  There is a potential issue with gridfiles in GLD2010 which could cause errors in custom loopfield layout corruption.  Primarily involves users that switch between metric and english units.  Newer versions do not have this issue.  Please upgrade or exercise care using this feature.

GLD2010 Rev.7.1.53 (Final Release Build)

GLD2010 Rev.7.1.51

GLD2010 Rev.7.1.44

GLD2010 Rev.7.1.37

GLD2010 Rev.7.1.34

GLD2010 Rev. 7.1.6

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GLD2009 Production Build History

Product qualifies for upgrade credit only.

GLD2009 Rev.6.6.1 (Final Release Build - Standalone Version)

GLD2009 Rev.6.5.7 (Final Release Build - Network Version)

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GLD V5.1; GLD V5.2; GLD V5.3
Product qualifies for upgrade credit only.

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Product qualifies for upgrade credit only.

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Product qualifies for upgrade credit only.

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