CFD Module

This powerful design module works with the Piping System Designer and enables designers to fine tune, model, analyze and optimize the piping systems that comprise the foundation of ground heat exchanger systems. Piping systems consist of a wide possible range of connected components including: Manifolds/Vaults, Supply and Return Runouts, Supply and Return Headers, single and double u-bends, the fittings that connect the systems together and circulation pumps. Utilizing a new, patent-pending visual interface for viewing and creating a design via a drag and drop methodology, the CFD module can automatically design optimal flow-balanced (direct and reverse return) systems while providing designers with the flexibility they need for standard and non-standard systems. Outputs include flow rates, fluid velocities, Reynold's numbers, pressure drop, fluid volume and the like for every single point in a dynamic geothermal piping system. The GLD CFD Module is the first tool in humanity's toolbox for modeling the complex fluid dynamics in geothermal heat exchanger systems.

With the Piping System Designer front end, you can design headering systems with ease and skip hours and hours of trial and error to calculate headers that are optimized for normal use AND can be purged without unreasonable pump sizes and flows. The configurations are fully configurable and can be designed to fit your real world needs.


The Piping System Designer - Automate Piping Design

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