November 2018

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GLD Coaxial Version Available!


GLD continues to offer more features and updated contents.

The newest design tool in GLD is the coaxial heat exchanger for the Vertical Borehole Module!   Beginning with this release, GLD will require an updated license key as we release GLD version 10.0.22 to production use.  Users that have a current license subscription for GLD will get this upgrade free as part of their annual license subscription.  Users of older GLD versions (GLD2014, GLD2012, etc) will need to upgrade to the latest version in order to access these new features. 

Current users of GLD2016 should contact us for assistance with re-licensing their keys before updating to the latest version of GLD.  GLD2016 users that install the latest version without updating their license key will notice that their GLD will only open in Professional mode until the key is re-programmed. 

The new Coaxial Exchanger capability is available for concentric piping of most any size as the pipe sizes are manually configurable to accomodate different inner and outer pipes from different manufacturers.  With the addition of these new vertical exchangers, the Piping System Builder and CFD module will use the inner pipe for computing flows as coaxial exchangers generally have a larger effective diameter on the outer pipe.  The larger outer pipe effectively provides for a lower borehole thermal resistance in the calculations due to the increased surface area on the outer pipe in contact with the borehole.

Also new in GLD 10.0.22 is a unified and expanded fluids library that is used in all modules of GLD.  Previous versions have used separate libraries in the piping and borehole modules as the software evolved.  The new version knows the viscosity characteristics of fluids throughout the temperature range of operation as well as at the design point and freeze points of the system.

Network administrators will now have the ability to distribute software to network users with the new installer that permits system level permissions in addition to the user level permissions.

Download software here:

Latest build number:  GLD v10.0.22 for both Stand Alone and Network

GLD is Ready for Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 has now been widely adopted at our customer locations and many of our customers have moved to W10 Professional.  GLD is digitally signed and installs on a per-user basis.  No special permissions are required to install GLD.     

Please note:  Versions of GLD prior to GLD2014 build 8.0.11 will NOT play well with Windows 10 due to OS security issues.  Tech support is available for GLD2014 and 2016.  Earlier versions are no longer supported and should be upgraded.

Previous GLD Versions

Users of previous versions of GLD may want to consider upgrading to the current version as support for versions prior to GLD2016 is no longer available and moving forward, the older software may not work correctly with Windows 10.  Upgrade paths are available for GLD2014 users and as an incentive to users of GLD2012 and earlier, we are currently offering a discount credit towards the purchase of GLD.

Online Tutorials Available at the Ground Loop Design Website

In addition to the 400+ page user manual, there are GLD user tutorials and recorded webinars available from the website.   If you are a new user or just looking for a quick refresher, there are videos of topics ranging from initial overviews to more in-depth topics such as designing with hybrids and utilizing hourly load data.  Additionally, there is a series of “Skill-Builders” to help you take your designs to the next level.

 GLD “Skill Builders” can be found here:

 View our tutorials and recent online webinars to see different versions of GLD in action:
View on-Line

Enhance Your Skills - Available Training:

Advanced Loopfield and Piping Design   online - live,  Featuring GLD 10.0.22

Dates:    Starts:  December 6  (Thursdays)  12:00 – 15:00 CST
                 Starts:   January    (M-W-F)  12:00 - 15:00 CST 

Taught by Dan Bernstein, a leading industry expert in geothermal loopfield design.  All participants receive a Certificate of Completion for use in continuing education requirements.  This (9) hour course requires a computer and DSL or better internet connection in order to participate. 

Multi-student Discount Available.

Course Details and Registration

Geothermal Industry Partners:

  • Precision Geothermal - Makers of the GeoCube Thermal Conductivity Test Unit
  • IGSHPA - Industry Association for advancement of Geothermal Design


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